Articles and contributions to books

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(1972) George Ekem Ferguson: civil servant extraordinary Trans. Historical Society of Ghana xiii, 181–215

(1973) Forced labour in British West Africa: the case of the Northern Territories of the Gold Coast 1906–1927 Journal of African History xiv, 79–103

(1974) Education in northern Ghana, 1906–1940: a study in colonial paradox International Journal of African Historical Studies vii, 426-67

(1975) Military recruitment in the Gold Coast during the First World War Cahiers d'Etudes Africaines xv, 57–83

(1977) (with A. A. Iliasu) Northern Ghana Proceedings of the Seminar on Ghanaian Historiography and Historical Research ed. by J.O. Hunwick (Legon: Department of History, University of Ghana), 113–52

(1978) Ghana's answer to politics New Statesman 31 March, 421

(1981) The Western and Central Sudan Cambridge Encyclopedia of Africa gen. eds, Roland Oliver & Michael Crowder (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press), 130–5

(1981) Africa and China Cambridge Encyclopedia of Africa, 466–7

(1983) The 1916 Bongo 'riots' and their background: aspects of colonial administration and African response in eastern upper Ghana Journal of African History xxiv, 57–75

(1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988) Entries on Equatorial Guinea, Ghana, Guinea in International Year Book and Statesman's Who's Who (East Grinstead: Thomas Skinner Directories)

(1987) Exile, dictatorship and the creative writer in Africa: a selective annotated bibliography Third World Quarterly ix, 271–96

(1987) King of the mountains South, September (83),126–7

(1987, 1988) Entries on Benin, Burkina Faso, Congo in International Year Book and Statesman's Who's Who

(1988) Pedallers on the dope South, September (95), 12

(1989) Wheeler dealers South, July (105), 75–6

(1989) Entries on Equatorial Guinea, Guinea, Togo Handbooks to the Modern World: Africa Volume 1 ed. by Sean Moroney (New York & Oxford: Facts on File), 159–67, 217–26, 543–50

(1990) The wheels of fortune South, June (116), 124-5

(1994) (with Clive Horwood, Charles Piggott, Andrew Rosenbaum, John Parry, Jill Joliffe & Philip Eade) [Europe's most powerful families] . . . and some other uncrowned heads Euromoney, May, 73–80

(1996) Can Spring be far away?CiRCA now (newsletter of the Century Road Club Association, New York), viii, 4, April, 10–11

(1996) Then and now: a century of cobbles CiRCA now (newsletter of the Century Road Club Association, New York), viii, 5, May, 10–11

(1996) Armstrong's Ardennes campaign (unpublished essay on 1996 Liège–Bastogne–Liège World Cup cycle race)

(1996) Good gearing Euromoney, June, 6

(1996) Don't see it Journalist, October/November, 18

(2006) The article that never was, (website of Index on Censorship), January
Was published as
but this is no longer available
so see link to PDF and see a PDF of the censored article referred to in this report

(2007) IMF offers extra-special drawing rights Euromoney, February

Book reviews

1969) Review of Salaga: The Struggle for Power by J.A. Braimah and J.R. Goody, in Africa xxxix, 425–6

(1972) Review of The Conquest of the Western Sudan: A Study in French Military Imperialism by A.S. Kanya-Forstner, in Trans. Historical Society of Ghana xiii, 131–5

(1973) Review of Survey of Research Materials in the National Archives of Ghana by R.E. Dumett, in Trans. Historical Society of Ghana xiv, 290–1

(1974) Review of The Papers of George Ekem Ferguson, a Fanti Official of the Gold Coast ed. by Kwame Arhin, in Trans. Historical Society of Ghana xv, 117-20

(1975) Review of Trading in West Africa ed. by Peter Davies in Trans. Historical Society of Ghana xvi, 129–32

(1977) Review of The Lions of Dagbon: Political Change in Northern Ghana by Martin Staniland, in Journal of African History xviii, 273–5

(1982) Review of Forced Labour in Colonial Africa by A.T. Nzula, I.I. Potekhin & A.Z. Zusmanovich, in Journal of African History xxiii, 273–5

(1982) Review of Eritrea: Africa's Longest War by David Pool; and Behind the War in Eritrea ed. by Basil Davidson, Lionel Cliffe & Bereket Habte Selassie, in West Africa 14 June (3384) 1592–3

(1982) Review of French Colonial Rule and the Baule Peoples, Resistance and Collaboration 1889-1911 by Timothy C. Weiskel, in West Africa 2 August (3391) 1998–2000

(1982) Review of Rediscovering Ghana's Past by James Anquandah, in West Africa 13 September (3397) 2365–7

(1982) Review of Oral Historiography by David Henige, in West Africa 15 November (3406) 2970–1

(1985) Review of The Story of an African Working Class: Ghanaian Miners' Struggles 1870-1980 by Jeff Crisp, in Third World Quarterly vi 1084-6

(1988) Long live highlife [Review of Luambo Franco and 30 Years of OK Jazz by Graeme Ewens; ET Mensah: King of Highlife by John Collins; Stern's Guide to Contemporary African Music by Ronnie Graham] South July (93) 120–1

(1988) The songs of exile [Review of Makeba: My Story by Miriam Makeba with James Hall] South September (95) 104–5

(1989) The light that failed [Review of Kwame Nkrumah: The Political Kingdom in the Third World by David Rooney] South February (100) 85–6

(1989) Roots of resistance [Review of Paul Robeson by Martin Bauml Duberman] South October (108) 137–8

(1989) Rating freedom [Review of Democracy in Developing Countries, Vol. 2 Africa, ed. by Larry Diamond, Juan J. Linz and Seymour Martin Lipset] South November (109) 98–9

(1990) Review of Wa and the Wala: Islam and Polity in Northwestern Ghana by Ivor Wilks, in African Affairs 89 (356) 462–3

(1992) Review of Foreign Exchange Handbook by Paul Bishop & Don Dixon, in Risk 5 (7), July/August 49

(1992) Review of European Pension Fund Managers Guide 1992 ed. Julia Hobart & Andrew Dyson, in Risk 5 (7), July/August 49

(1993) Review of The New Palgrave Dictionary of Money & Finance ed. by Peter Newman, Murray Milgate & John Eatwell, in Risk 6 (6), June 57–8


Music reviews

(2009) Hanno Müller-Brachmann & András Schiff recital, Wigmore Hall, London, 8 January 2009, Musical Pointers,üller-BrachmannSchiff.html
or see PDF file

(2009) London Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted Neeme Järvi: Mahler Kindertotenlieder (Matthias Goerne, baritone); Beethoven Symphony No 9, Royal Festival Hall, London, 4 February 2009, Musical Pointers,
or see PDF file Mahler_Beethoven.pdf

(2009) BBC Symphony Orchestra, BBC Singers, conducted Jirí Belohlavek: Martinu: Juliette, ou la clé des songes (Magdalena Kozena, mezzo soprano; William Burden, tenor, et alia), Barbican, London, 27 March 2009, Musical Pointers.

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(November 2013) The Invited at St Paul's Church, Covent Garden (opera: Emma Hill, Sarah Minns, Miriam Sharrad)

(March 2014) The Young Wife/Dido & Aeneas. OperaUpClose at the King's Head Theatre, Islington


Unattributed joint authorship

(1983) [with Richard Greenfield], Ethiopia's Invasion of Somalia 1982-83 (Mogadishu: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Somali Democratic Republic)

(1984) [with] Richard Greenfield, The OAU and Africa's refugees, in The OAU After Twenty Years ed. by Yassin El-Ayouty and I. William Zartman (New York: Praeger, Johns Hopkins International Studies Series), 209–47

(1984) [with] Richard Greenfield, Kwame Nkrumah and pan-Africanism Paper presented at Symposium on Kwame Nkrumah at Commonwealth Institute, London, 1 September 1984 (typescript, pp. 33)


Miscellaneous unattributed

(1983) Third World Quarterly Cumulative Index 1979–1983 (Vols 1-5) (London: Third World Foundation)
(1984) South Index 1980–1984 (London: South Publications)
(1985) South Index 1984–1985 (London: South Publications)
(1986) Third World Quarterly 1986 Index (London: Third World Foundation)
Risk magazine cumulative index 1987–94